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Carson MicroBrite Plus LED Lighted Pocket Microscope
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About the product
  • Multi-Pack: Includes 4 units of the MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x Power Pocket Microscope
  • LED Lighted with Aspheric Internal Lens System
  • Compact, Lightweight and Portable Design
  • Each microscope uses 1 AA Battery (not included)
  • Backed by Carson's Limited Lifetime Warranty
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Fantastic value
Every so often there comes an item that is an unbelievable combination of price and quality. Mora knives ($13), cree flashlights ($3) are good examples of this, assuming that sellers don't just start over charging for them. Adding to that list is this microscope. For what it is, I can't imagine how it could be improved. Amazing magnification, clear image and compact size for under $10 if you get 4 of them. Before I ordered these, I knew other people would like them for themselves or their kids, so I got the set and sold 3 of them to other people for $10 each. Since then, I have ordered another set and may have to get third. That is the thing with stuff like this microscope and the Mora and cree - once you show them to other people, they want one too and for some reason they can't go to Amazon themselves, so you end up buying it again.
Great quality at a great price
At 4 for $36, these are the best value we've found and still incredibly good! My kids LOVE looking at everything through these - carpet, hair, printed paper, cardboard, leaves, their skin, etc. Truly a great value, and super nice to drop in my pocket when we go for a nature hike and want to look at moss up close. It's sometimes hard to hold it still enough when you're actually out in nature, just because things are SO magnified, that moving even a few mm results in the object no longer being in focus. But that's not a problem with the magnifiers so much as my own ability to hold still! When we really want to see it without it shifting, we just put it on the table and put the magnifier on top of the table and problem solved.
Kids of all ages love this!
Adults, teens, and tweens alike spend hours looking at items through this microscope. Really helpful that it lights the specimen and can zoom in/out for focus. As an added bonus align a camera into the eyepiece and play "guess this material". Bought this set of four since two would cost just as much individually. Bought as gifts but doling them out one at a time. Family members are "whining" that THEY want one too...little do they know ;-) Bought the hard-shell case to go with it, makes it super easy to transport. Would by again!
Great little microscope!
I ordered these microscopes to have on hand for gifts. They are great for pre-teens to teens. The zoom adjusts easily and will stay where you put it. They are interesting to use for anything you want to see up close. We have looked at insects, fabric, hair, printing, etc. Look at the difference between what comes out of an ink jet printer and a laser printer. We also use one when someone gets a splinter...sometimes it helps to see which direction it went in, so you can get it out.
Kerri Bazzell
We bought a four pack of these thinking they'd be fun toys for the grandchildren and were very surprised at just how good they were. Smaller than I'd envisaged at approx 3x2x1 inches, so small enough to pop into a pocket. Very well made, easy to use and they work really well. Grandchildren are captivated by seeing a whole new world through the lens. The magnification is as stated, no more, no less, but easily good enough to see individual cells, the structure of hair and tiny "monsters". Very pleased, would highly recommend this product both for its educational and fun use.
D. S. Hughes
Bought for the kids & husband - They love them
Bought for the kids & husband - They love them better than expected great magnification and so convenient and can be stuffed into the pocket when out for walks/hikes (insects, plants, rocks and just about anything else is now being explored). Great gift for kids, teenagers and adults. Well worth the money without breaking the bank.
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